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Where can I find help with Instagram? 10 Instagram Tools You Can't Live Without

You’re well aware that a complete online presence for any business consists of creating a website and utilizing the most popular and relevant social media channels. The one that everyone (and by everyone we mean over 300 million people) seems to be virtually hanging out on all the time is Instagram. As a user of the platform, you might be hip with all the stellar Instagram features, like carousel posts, the new ‘Ask Me Anything’ questions sticker and a pretty nifty analytics tracker for business accounts. Yet, there’s a whole world of tools outside the app that can really make your account stand out against the hefty crowd.

With a sprinkle of the right external add-ins, you’ll be ready to up your engagement and followers, make the most of the platform with some ‘secret’ hacks, and simply have a blast creating fun content. So dive into these 10 best Instagram tools that we highly recommend for your business:

01. VSCO: the ultimate photo and video editing tool

It’s a fact that most of us shoot our photos for Instagram on our smartphones. And thanks to VSCO’s editing technology, no one needs to know that we don’t own the newest camera device. It offers many advanced editing tools, from the basics like cropping and adding contrast to more sophisticated filters and film-inspired presets. VSCO allows you to craft whatever mood you’re going for, be it happy and vibrant, vintage and grayscale, or dark and moody. After you’ve created the most professional images and videos, easily share them to your Instagram account through the app. If all of that doesn’t provide you with the help you need, VSCO also serves as a community-based platform where a bunch of creatives inspire each other.

Pros: Advanced tools and presets to create professional quality photos, a creative community, and exclusive photography tips.

Get started here: Android app & iOS app

02. Unfold: build the most beautiful Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become a big hit, replacing those Snapchat days to the point where you might be saying #TBT. Yet, the content of each platform is oh so different: Snapchat might be for selfies and awkward happenings, but Instagram is all about making your brand look as professional as possible. So how do you create Instagram Stories for you business that look polished and poise at all times? Download the application Unfold, which allows you to create customized Stories that will honestly amaze your followers. With this application, you can choose from over 70 different templates and five fonts to layout your photos, videos, and text. There’s no doubt that you’ll be looking your best.

Pros: Free application, 70 easy-to-use templates and supports both photo and video media – including sound.

Get started here: Android app & iOS app

03. Canva: become your own graphic designer

Thanks to Canva, there’s no need to hire a designer to create beautiful and professional content for your Instagram account. This Instagram tool empowers users to become designers themselves through easily crafting their media with its easy drag-and-drop format, whether it’s editing photos, creating graphics with gorgeous fonts, or building photo collages. The best part: Canva allows you to set your brand colors and fonts to use throughout your designs in order to keep things consistent and up to par with your brand’s style at all times. The platform offers millions of photographs and fonts, along with different grids, frames, shapes, illustrations, icons and more. The opportunities are endless to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces for your Instagram account, be it Stories or posts.

Pros: Easy drag-and-drop format, millions of photos and fonts available, and an option to set brand colors and fonts.

Get started here: Android app & iOS app

04. Magisto: let your phone create professional videos for you

Brands that use video content receive 41% more web traffic from search engines than those that don’t. This irresistibly engaging media form is gaining traction fast and it’s about time to hop on board and create social videos for your Instagram account…or maybe let someone else handle it for you. This is where Magisto steps in. The popular application uses artificial intelligence technology to create personal and business videos. All you need to do is upload your clips and photos, choose an editing style and the music. While you’re popping your microwave popcorn, Magisto will edit your content and generate your video within minutes – ready to be saved and uploaded to your Instagram page.

Pros: Creates professional videos in minutes with your own uploaded content.

Get started here: Android app & iOS app