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How to Write a Business About Page


A good ‘About’ page serves as a way to showcase your business’s strengths, provide essential information about your products or services and generally summarize your company’s unique identity. Follow these 9 simple steps!

Step One: 'About Us' Page Strategy

When addressing the structure of your ‘About Us’ page, try to decide in advance:

  • What kind of information you’d like to include on the page – and which details you want to omit.

  • How the style of the page will reflect your company’s spirit.

  • Which photos you will use of you, your staff and/or your product/services

  • If you’d like to add a video

Step Two: Tell Your Story

Every story has a beginning. Customers visiting your site will be happy to know when, where and how your business came to life. If you remember some cute anecdotes that don’t collide with your business’ image and you’re comfortable with revealing – why not share them with your readers? If your great-great-grandfather opened the family business in 1904 – that’s a fact worth mentioning. But be careful not to abuse the anecdotes: they are like spices. If you add them in the right measure, they’ll give more taste to your story.

Make sure you emphasize the interesting part of your background. If you have few years of experience in your field – make sure it’s somewhere in the text. Opened your business yesterday and still waiting for the first gig? Focus on your new and innovative style. The bottom line is – tell your story, from the beginning, while shedding light on the most important and relevant parts.

Step Three: Think of the Present

Showing off your roots is a good thing, but don’t neglect your current activity. The flow of the text should exhibit growth and development, from the starting point to the present.

Use the ‘About Us’ page to tell readers what you’re offering. Even if other sections of your site contain a full review of your products and services, this page is the place to include a short and clear summary of your company’s enterprises alongside a list of all of its pros.

Step Four: Use the Voice of Your Company

There’s a certain style to the content you publish, a type of language that people are used to hearing from you. This special tone can be found in the text on your site, in its design and in the content you choose to upload on social media channels. Try to think in advance about the most fitting writing style for the ‘About Us’ page.

Step Five: Throw Photos and Videos in the Mix

This one is pretty simple. Photos and video provide a vital visual aspect when presenting your company. This type of media shows the real people behind your business and breaks the distance between your team and your visitors.

It’s ideal for you to include photos and videos from your actual workplace, and not shiny, boring stock photos that come with the smell of a fake company. If using a camera isn’t your strong side, consult with friends and colleagues. The final outcome needs to be aesthetic but it doesn’t have to look like an award winning photo.

Step Six: Make sure there are no spelling errors or grammar mistakes

We know, we know – this is one tip you should follow whenever you write, but sometimes, after you worked on the ‘About Us’ page for three days in a row, there’s a strong urge to just type in the final period and click publish. It’s difficult to resist, but we can’t stress how important re-reading your text is.

Step Seven: Do Your SEO Homework or Hire Jessica

The ‘About Us’ page doesn’t float in a different dimension, separate from the rest of your site. You need to make sure that the page will serve as another boost for your website on the search results ladder. All the rules of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – apply here as well:

  • Use relevant keywords, but don’t force them.

  • Optimize your images and videos.

  • Make sure your text and your site structure are Google friendly

Not sure how to go about making your 'About Us' page SEO friendly? Reach out and I'll show you how!

Step Eight: Link to Your Social Channels

The Contact Us page is often home for links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., however, an ‘About Us’ page isn’t a “no social links” zone. Showing your wide social presence is another important aspect of your company’s activity.

Ensure that the About sections on your social profiles and pages aren’t just the outcome of the art of copying and pasting. The content doesn’t have to be completely different, but you should try to tailor it to the social platform it’s on.

Step Nine: Show off your reputation

Even if on a daily basis you’re a modest mouse, when it comes to your business, don’t hold back with exposing your street cred. The ‘About Us’ text isn’t an advertisement, but it should present your company in a positive light, highlighting unique services and products and inspiring trust. The best ways to do so are:

  • Customer Reviews and Recommendations – Reviews are a great way to introduce your business as a trustworthy and reliable establishment.

  • Testimonials – These customer statements are a bit different than reviews. Being more detailed and frontal, they can appear as text or a video, establishing trust and boosting the credibility of your brand.

  • Press – Last but not least, media coverage. We all know the power of the “As Seen on TV” spell. TV, radio and print media aren’t what they used to be 20 years ago, but they’ll still help with positioning your company as a reliable and trusted one.

Bonus Tip: Present numbers and infographics

Think of your readers. Don’t let them face the masses of text you’ve created without some refreshment breaks. Just like the water bottles given to runners during a marathon, including interesting figures about your company through eye-catching infographics and illustrations is a great way to give folks a break, and add important information in an easy-to-read style.

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