Thank you for visiting online. I have had the privilege of working with small businesses and mid-sized corporations all over the world from the comfort of my office in Minneapolis, MN. As a freelance web and graphic designer for over 15 years, I have the experience and longevity your company needs to succeed in this overpopulated online market.


I work personally with each Web Design client to discuss your website needs, target market and budget, then customize design concepts to present to you for review. Each website is uniquely 100% yours. Once your design is finalized, I begin working to build out and launch your site.  

Meet Jess


Graphic Design is an important piece of the web building and business puzzle.  Without a customized logo, marketing pieces, and cohesive social media branding, your business can often fall flat on your customers.  Branding is my specialty. I work with my small business owners and startup clients to build a brand you can be proud of. Together, we implement a vision for your business so your online presence provides the best first impression possible.

From there, your customers' response means higher contact rates, higher sales and a more profitable business for you.

Maybe a customized logo or a creative website is all you need to get started. For others, they need a little more guidance and support.  I offer Business Coaching fo
r many of my long-term clients. Together we formulate a business action plan moving forward and troubleshoot areas that are not currently providing the income or support they had hoped for. By providing reliable and lasting support, you as a business owner can focus on the more important things - your customers. Feel free to call or email me. We can discuss your business - where you're at and where you want to go!


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