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What's in a Logo?

You’ve seen these famous logos countless times over your life, as they represent many well-known brands around the world. But how well do you know their secrets? With the purpose of a logo to be a single visual element that brings familiarity to the brand’s product, companies go through a carefully selected creation process for them. This could be to influence the psychology of consumers, represent their core values, or some other mysterious meaning. Although you see these popular logos and rarely think about why they look the way they do, there is a deep-rooted meaning behind each of them.

Therefore, this article is the perfect read if you’re looking for some logo inspiration or just browsing out of pure curiosity. Dive into these 15 famous logos and discover their hidden meanings:


You don’t have to look deeply into the symbolism behind the world-renowned logo of Amazon to notice the orange arrow. However, were you aware that is has two clever meanings? First, the arrow starts at the letter “A” and ends at the letter ”Z” to show that the company sells nearly every product you can name in the entire alphabet. This arrow also represents a smile with a little dimple on the side, to evoke the happiness of customers that shop their products.

Walt Disney

The leading brand among children has always left a personal touch with its audience. What better way to represent such connection then portraying their logo as a representation of Mr. Disney’s very own signature? Although this “handwriting” is, in fact, nothing like the founder’s, it still embodies his vision in the magical way that Disney has always done a wonderful job of capturing.


Here’s a popular logo that needs no introduction. This iconic symbol is recognized worldwide, even without the company’s name attached to it anymore. Commonly known as the ‘swoosh,’ this logo has a much deeper meaning (and it’s not a checkmark, as commonly guessed by many). Nike is actually a Greek goddess that personifies victory. When logo designer, Carolyn Davidson, created this design in 1971, she thought to represent the goddess’ wing as an indication of movement and speed. It’s worth adding: she was paid a mere $35.

Burger King

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the second largest fast food chain in the world? Look no further than Burger King’s logo. This brand placed their name as the meat between two bun halves to ensure that they remain the king when it comes to their famously known product: Hamburgers. Encompassed in a blue circle, these lively colors are meant to attract people of all ages to their fast food chains.