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What is an Email Blast? How do I do it right?

Whether you’re creating a website for your new business or planning your next big event, you’re going to need a way to spread the word. There are more than a few marketing choices you have available to you, but a simple, affordable, and highly effective method is the email blast.

The email blast is a core component of email marketing. The purpose of such emails is to drive more traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, or notify users of an important update or upcoming event.

Email blasts are a powerful asset to your marketing strategy, and they can help you build deeper relationships with customers if you get them right. If you get them wrong, however, they can come across as annoying or even spammy.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what, exactly, an email blast is - and how to use it properly in order to boost conversions and grow your brand.

What is an email blast?

Email marketing, in its most basic sense, is the use of email as a tool to promote your brand. An email blast, specifically, is a single marketing email that you send to a large number of subscribers on your mailing list.

Email blasts are an efficient form of communication for sending newsletters, promotions and discounts, new product updates, and eBooks and tutorials.

Email blasts: the good and the bad

That said, email blasts don’t always have a great reputation. There’s some controversy over whether email blasts are actually effective, or whether they’re just another form of spam.

The main criticism of email blasts is that they’re simply irrelevant to a large portion of the recipients. When the same email is sent to a large bulk of subscribers - irrespective of their interests, wants, or needs - it can come across as impersonal. On top of that, users may find them invasive, offering little more than additional clutter for their inboxes. As a result, the recipients may ignore the emails, mark them as spam, or even unsubscribe. Many even shudder at the term “email blast.” After all, does anyone ever want to be blasted with anything?

This bad reputation, however, is largely a matter of semantics and unlucky past experiences. Tarnished by a history of poorly created, irrelevant, and pushy promotional emails, the term itself sometimes puts people off.

Despite the reservations of some, the effectiveness of good email marketing remains indisputable. Just as any bad marketing email can degenerate into spam, any good marketing email can bolster a brand’s image and offer real value to users. Whatever you choose to call it - a marketing email, an email blast, or an email campaign - there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

How to do an email blast properly

The most effective email blasts feel more personal than promotional. You’ll want the content of your emails to be genuinely interesting and engaging for the recipients, so that they welcome your emails and enjoy reading them.

These email marketing tips will help you create an email blast the right way:

  1. Choose an email marketing service.

  2. Build, don’t obtain, your email list.

  3. Segment your audience.

  4. Target your campaign.

  5. Use a compelling CTA.

  6. Take advantage of analytics.

  7. Optimize and improve