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How do I find the time to manage my small business? 12 Time Management Tips to Boost Productivity

Truth: Your time is so valuable and precious.

Choosing how you spend every hour of your day is vital to your success and sanity. Yet, no matter how you plan it, the work just continues to pile up. One minute you’re creating a website, the next minute you’re updating your accounting books. Then, before you realize how ridiculously busy you’ve gotten, you find yourself eating lunch during a conference call. Basically, without a time management strategy, it only makes sense that you’re scared of drowning in your workload.

Learn how to manage your stress at work better, get a grip on your day, and work efficiently and productively with the following time management tips:

  1. Rise early

  2. Plan your time in advance

  3. Do your least favorite task first

  4. Save mornings for the most important tasks

  5. Group similar tasks together

  6. Remove unnecessary items from your to-do list + delegate

  7. Don’t get caught in the details

  8. Eliminate distractions

  9. Utilize waiting time

  10. Learn to say no

  11. Find purpose in meetings

  12. Create productive habits

01. Rise early

Mornings are a valuable time to plan the day, eat a slow breakfast, stretch and exercise, or catch up on some of your over spilled work from the previous day. Before you start getting hammered with emails and the unavoidable daily to-dos, use this precious quiet time to pursue your own initiatives and start your day with less stress and more joy.

02. Plan your time in advance

Both daily and weekly, it’s important to sit down and create to-do lists ahead of time. This is because if you don’t start out your days with a plan, someone else will be able to do that for you. So write out what you need to get done the night before or shortly after waking up in the morning.

One habit we do is plan out the following week right before heading into the weekend on Friday afternoon. This takes some of the pressure off of those tiring Monday mornings where no amount of coffee can seem to motivate anyone.

03. Do your least favorite task first

If there is something on your to-do list that just causes you some sort of resentment, it’s best to get rid of it right away. You’ll be more likely to work fast to get it done by starting your day out with this, and you won’t have to look at your to-do list despising it any longer. It’s one simple time management skill that will undoubtedly bring you joy once you check it off.

04. Save mornings for the most important tasks

When you set up your daily checklist of tasks, prioritize the most important things. Begin your day by checking these items off first thing in the morning (as well as your least favorite task) while you’re full of energy after a night of rest. Getting the biggest things out of the way will help you to feel accomplished early on and reduce the chances of burnout.

05. Group similar tasks together

Rather than switching between multiple different tasks and wondering why you can’t focus, try batching together things which require the same level of concentration and time. For example, after lunch do your five minute check-ins on analyzing stats, reading emails, and updating other small things. This will help you stay present and productive throughout your days.