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30 Chrome Extensions You Shouldn't Live Without

What if we told you that there are little buttons you can click on that would make your life immediately easier, boost your productivity and help you save a lot of time? Guess what, these magic buttons exist and they are called Chrome extensions.

You probably use, or at least have heard about Chrome, the revolutionary Internet browser by Google. It offers much more than a convenient and sleek way to access the Web. When you check out the Chrome Web Store, you quickly realize that there are TONS of extensions, most of them available for free, with all kinds of purposes and functionalities. Some of these extensions improve your browser’s performance, others can assist when you create a website, and many are simply there to uplift your mood with games, video or music.

No matter what lifehack you’re searching for, you can probably find it as a Chrome extension. Since the selection is so great, we’re happy to offer you another time-saving service with this curated list of 30 excellent extensions. These are the best Chrome extensions out there, and once you start playing around with them you will understand why. (P.S., many of these exist for other browsers as well!)

Great utilities


If your browser looks like a train wreck with so many tabs open that you can no longer tell which is which, you need OneTab, and you need it now. This brilliant extension converts your tab-overload into a neat list, allowing you to restore them at any point. It puts an end to tab-hoarding while making sure nothing is lost. You’ll be amazed how beautiful your browser looks when it’s not crowded with unreadable tab titles.


The days when people used the same silly password for every single login are thankfully over. But how do you handle all those unique and complicated passwords? LastPass is your security protection extension. It saves all of your passwords in one place, auto-filling the login fields whenever you access recognized websites. It also generates random passwords that no one will be able to guess, and it keeps your logins safe and sound.

Click and Clean

Your browser is like a your apartment. It needs the occasional sweeping and cleaning. With Click and Clean, all of the annoying tasks involved in browser data cleaning become faster, easier and more effective. This isn’t just a matter of tidying up info that your browser stores like your cache, saved passwords and previous searchers. It has important implications for functionality and for security. The Click and Clean extension is specifically designed to both help boost your browser’s functionality and speed, and to protect it from online troublemakers.

SurfEasy VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows users to access a private network no matter where they are located or network they are physically connected to. It’s a terrific solution for remote access (say, if you are working away from your employer’s Intranet connection), for using local browsing of various locations (for instance, if you are surfing in the UK but want to access the web as if you were in the US), and for protecting your Internet browsing with smart encryption. SurfEasy provides all these and other services directly from your browser.

Bookmarks Sidebar

Bookmarks are a genius invention, but accessing them can be really frustrating – so many clicks through so many sub-menus to get to the address you’re looking for. This is exactly what the Bookmarks Sidebar extension is here to fix. One little click to the left of your screen, and your full bookmarks list is right there. With robust customization options, you can also organize and manage your lists at your own convenience.

Chrome extensions for bloggers

Evernote Web Clipper

Every blogger needs an assistant, but most bloggers can’t afford one. Luckily, Evernote Web Clipper is a great substitute. Instead of saving bookmarked links, the Web Clipper saves the content of the page that is relevant for you. It lets you clip it and copy it to your Evernote board, allowing you to add comments, tags and highlights. These clippings are extremely helpful when you’re preparing and researching your next post, and you can also use them as visuals.


Even the most experienced bloggers encounter grammar glitches here and there. While that’s only human, it’s not ideal for your online publication and can even hurt your professi