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How do I write a Google Business Description? Tips, Tricks & Templates for a Killer Google Listing

Why is your Google Business Description important?

The business description is the best place to share relevant, useful information about your business, company or brand with consumers. You can add details about the types of products and services you offer, a little history on how it all got started, or even your mission statement. The business description should ultimately help prospective customers determine whether or not your business is the solution to their problem. Without a business description, consumers/customers would be left to draw their own conclusions about your business based on reviews, pictures associated with your business listing, etc...

Where does my Google Business Description show up?

Now that you understand just how important the Google business description is, you’re probably wondering where does it even show up? Depending on the desktop or device your target customers are using, the business description will show up slightly differently.

Web: Desktop

If you search for your business name and location on Google, your Google My Business profile will appear in the search results as well as on the right in the Knowledge Panel. The description shows above your website address and physical address.

Maps: Desktop

From a desktop or laptop computer, your business description on Google Maps will appear in a similar spot.

Web: Mobile

Here’s how your Google business description appears on a mobile web search.

Maps: Mobile

Finally, here’s what your Google business description will look like on a mobile Maps search.